Summer schools


Summer schools for participants of network “Storytelling libraries”


August 19-21, 2011

September 28-30, 2012


Experts of the network “Storytelling libraries” Ms Mara Mellena, Mr Guntis Pakalns, lecturers of workshops and local storytellers. In 2012, Summer school was organized as a part of the first Storytelling festival in Zemgale.


Summer schools were organized for 18 libraries from network “Storytelling libraries”, storytellers, local communities, musicians, and guests from Galicia, Portugal, Estonia and others.


In order to change usual and daily routine of librarians and make creative environment to improve such skills as mastery of actor, telling stories in a front of the audience or in a front of a camera, improve skills to present work of their libraries and organized events, share experience in work with different kind of audience, and develop skills to organize creative storytelling events. One of the main reasons of the first Summer school was to plan the first Storytelling festival in Zemgale and to prepare scenario and possible stories to perform there.


As a result of the first Summer school, the first Storytelling festival in Zemgale was successfully organized. See more:

The same idea will be adopted in other regions in Latvia. For instance, in 2013 the summer school will be organized in Vidzeme in order to plan the possible first Storytelling festival in Vidzeme in 2014.